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The Mystery of Human Memory

Memory is an integral part of human life. This can be defined as one's potential to store, retain and consistently retrieve information. For years, experts in the field of medical science have been studying and researching to find ways to enhance memory.

A lot has gone into the study of how human memory works. Experts feel that the more you learn about your memory, the better understanding you can develop in order to improve it. There are several things we don't forget in our lives such as our crucial school days, summer holidays, some of the tales by granny, the scent of earth when it rains, first love and a lot more.

These are the memories that make our life happier. There are also certain bad memories associated to our lives and we tend to store them in our brain for a long long time. These memories are some of the experiences that allow you to be a different person. In modern times, experts believe that memory is complex. The memory of anything in your life or day to day activities can be referred to as a 'complex constructive power'.

Everyone possesses one. These are certain impressions coming from a pattern of cells that's similar to a web. These cells are scattered throughout the brain. Experts believe that the memory is made up of a group of several systems. Each system plays a different role when it comes to creating, storing as well as recalling memories. As soon as the brain starts processing information, all the systems mentioned above start functioning together in a perfect manner in order to provide a combined thought.

What we actually visualize as a single memory is a complex engineering. Whenever you think of an object; for instance a toy, all your brain does is to retrieve the name of the object, its' function, shape and sound each time it plays or you take it in your hands. Every section of your memory describing at a toy is, derives from a totally different area of the brain.

The whole image of toy is created by the brain from several regions of the brain. Whenever you ride a bike or drive a car, a particular set of brain cells brings out the memory of operating the vehicle from starting till the end. When there are several things involved such as remembering how to ride a bike, the nervousness as a heavy vehicle passes by etc. comes from all parts of the brain. Experts have come to a conclusion that there is no solid distinction between the way you remember and the way you think.

Of course, the experts have come to a conclusion of how a system actually works. However, it is still not clear about how one remembers or what generally happens when one recalls. The good news is that there are several things you can do to enhance your memory.

There are several exercises, programs and techniques you can follow such as playing riddles, puzzles and several other activities that challenges your brain. Human memory is a mystery but enhancing one is not!.

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