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The Effects Of Smoking And Alcohol On Your Skin

Although smoking is best known for causing lung cancer, this habit is also among the biggest threats to your skin. Next to sun and chemicals, tobacco is one of the major accelerators of your skin natural ageing process, and it is thought to be one of the fastest acting threats. Young people start showing signs of early skin aging after as little as 10 years of smoking. If you think this is a long period of time, you should keep in mind that many young people start smoking in their teen years (16-19 year olds) and are still below 30 when the first signs appear.

Smoking causes the narrowing of blood vessels throughout your body, including those that supply the outermost layers of the skin with oxygen and nutrients. Thus, your skin is slowly starved of vital oxygen and other substances, such as immunity-boosting Vitamin A. Alcohol has a similar effect by destroying the body supply of Vitamin A. This will lower the role of skin as the first line of defense against bacteria and infections. The same Vitamin A is used in the skin turnover process to help generate the new cells that replace the dead ones. The vitamin provides a temporary boost in the production of collagen and can lend the skin a more youthful appearance for a while.

Over time, the lack of oxygen and nutrients would allow the formation of harmful free radicals that slowly damage the elastic fibers and collagen, which keep the skin strong and flexible. The result is usually the appearance of premature wrinkles. It is also thought likely that the repeated pursing of lips when inhaling smoke helps build wrinkles around the mouth, while the heat of the burning cigarette tip is also damaging the skin. Seven Tips For Healthy Skin Healthy skin is a sign of good health.

The skin is the largest vital organ in our body, which is comprised of about two billion cells and has a surface area of around two square meters. Although only very few people can actually have the perfect skin and complexion, we can do something to bring out the best in our skin. Here are quick and simple ways that we can care for our skin. 1) Nourish your skin by eating the proper foods. This means a healthy and balanced diet. A healthy and balanced diet promotes general well-being and optimizes the body to function at its best.

To have healthy skin, eat plenty of seed food, i.e. fruits that contain seeds, and vegetables - organic is better as it contains additional nutrients. 2) Drink plenty of water. The recommended eight glasses of water a day is essential in maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of skin. Water also clears your skin and aids in the proper elimination of waste.

Remember, less waste products in your body, more beautiful skin you would have. 3) Exercise regularly. Exercise is good for our hearts and bodies. Even our skin benefits from exercise since blood circulation is increased, thus bringing enough oxygen and nutrients to the rest of our bodies.

Exercise also triggers the body to produce more sebum which is natural moisturizer for body. 4) Be smoke- and alcohol-free. Smoking tends to destroy the Vitamin C in your body and damage the elastic tissues that keep the skin tight. Drinking liquor on the other hand tends to expand your blood vessels causing red spots and itchiness on your skin. 5) Cleanse it. Cleaning plays an important part in the overall wellness of your skin.

Experts agree that we should gently clean our skin, tone it, moisturize it, and exfoliate it. 6)Protect your skin. Harsh elements can severely damage your skin and can lead to irritation and infection. Wear sunscreen with at least SPF 15 every time you go out in the sun. For higher levels of activities, use SPF 45 because you will be perspiring, which dilutes the sunscreen. For those who are very fair, have red hair, blue eyes and freckles, add a total block that contains titanium or zinc.

7) Rest. Get plenty of rest. You are giving your skin a time to rejuvenate and heal while you rest.

Stress is extremely bad for your skin and body. It indirectly creates instability in your hormonal system, which in turn leads to more skin problems like breakouts and acne. The bottom line is that every person who wants to enjoy healthy skin for as long as possible should refrain from alcohol and tobacco consumption and should also take the basic steps in skin protection. There is no reason to harm yourself with unhealthy smoking and drinking and to damage your face with premature wrinkles. It is so simple to stay healthy.

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