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Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of medical treatment and is especially helpful when dealing with stress. It is often combined with spa treatments like sauna baths. However it can also be used effectively as a stand-alone treatment.

There are several techniques that can be used for this purpose. Here are some common techniques used to relieve tension: Acupressure massage: This method uses key points on the body, much like acupuncture. Instead of needles the fingers apply pressure. This results in relief of tension and improvement of blood circulation.

This in turn releases energy to the body and restores the body's natural balance of energy. When balance is restored tension and stress are reduced. Swedish massage: is a popular way to relieve tension and stress.

Blood circulation is improved with this method and aids the body to relax. First the body is massaged with massage oil, and then flowing strokes are applied, which helps to relax muscles and relieve tension. There are 6 different techniques used in this massage therapy: Deep Tissue massage: This technique is used for many purposes in massage therapy. It helps muscles to move better. Kneading the muscle, which stimulates lymph drainage, alleviates muscle tension, and will help you relive your stress.

Shiatsu massage: This method makes use of fingertips, elbows, palms, knees and thumbs and even walking on the subject's body. This technique is based on putting pressure on the different points, like acupressure. It will improve lymphatic flow and blood circulation, which will relieve tension and stress. Foot and hand massage: These are some of the most used parts of the body and are often the most stressed.

Stress and tension will build up in these muscles as they get tired and in turn will build tension throughout your body. Gentle massage of the hands and feet can alleviate tiredness and help to relive stress through your entire body. There are also special pressure points that can be utilized to improve this massage therapy. The massage therapist will also try to encourage a relaxed atmosphere so that the patient can benefit more from the therapy. To achieve this, relaxing music and soft lights may be used. Warmth can also be utilized.

There is a lot of tension and stress brought on by our busy lifestyles. It sometimes seems that our lives are indeed spinning out of control. So next time you are feeling worried and stressed out why not try some massage therapy and feel all your anxieties melt away with the soothing effect of this old but effective treatment? Sports of any type can put extra physical stress on your body and can result in sore muscles. Massage can be very beneficial in helping to prepare you before an event and relax your muscles after strenuous exercise.

It can also be used for recovering from injury and to maintain your muscles for peak performance. There are several ways that this can be achieved. Techniques that can be used: There are quite a few different techniques that can be used; pettrisage, friction, effleurage, compression, shaking, vibration, cross-fiber friction, direct pressure, broadening strokes, stretching and range of motion. Different reasons for using massage: there are different reasons for massage in sports. It can be used for: A warm up To increase blood flow Stimulate neurological pathways To help you recover from exertion Increase flexibility Improve strength Improve posture When massage can be used: Before an event: The reason for this will be to warm up the muscles in preparation for the event and increase blood flow.

This in turn will lead to increased flexibility and cut down on the discomfort that can be experienced with overexertion of muscles when they are used in strenuous exercises. Techniques that can be applied may include; friction, compression, shaking and stretching. After an event: This will help the body recover from exhaustion brought on by heavy usage of certain muscles.

This will be important to avoid stiffness and discomfort that can occur with intense usage of certain muscles. Techniques for this might include; effleurage, pettrisage, compression, broadening strokes and range of motion. Healing an injury: to promote healing and strengthen the muscles. An injury can be quite mild or a major problem.

Effleurage, compression and cross-fiber friction can be used with these patients. Maintaining good muscle tone: massage therapy can be used for maintenance when an athlete is not in full training. This can be done in an off-season. It is usually tailored to a particular athlete on an individual basis.

This can be a valuable time to work on strengthening and healing muscles after an injury, while the athlete does not need to actively play their sport. Massage therapy can be very helpful for athletes. Whether it is for a warm up and preparing for an event or preventing stiffness and the after effects of strenuous exercises, massage is very beneficial for those involved in sports. Even if you just want to stay fit and are taking minor exercises massage therapy can still be useful.

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