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Dave Sue Generic Viagra and the weekend of passion

Dave was walking up and down anxiously outside his friend Brad's house. Brad had told Dave that he would assist him to heal his erectile dysfunction but Dave was unwilling to believe him ? after all, what could perhaps lend a hand to play his role in the bedroom when he had been suffering from such harsh problems since his diabetes mellitus had worsened? His GP has suggested that he try to take it easy rest and stop eating so much fatty food but who can take it easy when their partner is all the time asking if you are ok? Sue wanted Dave, he knew that but she worried him more with her continuous questions about his wellbeing. And now, she started to think that he no longer loved her as he couldn't make love to her in the bedroom. It was a problem without solution and he saw no way out. Brad greeted his friend looking cheerful. "Here you go," he said, handing Dave a pack of generic Viagra lozenges.

Dave looked quizzically at the generic viagra and then at Brad, "I thought you would go with me to a physician," he said with antipathy and prepared to put the generic Viagra in the bin, " Pills can't aid me." "Oh explain that he had had a similar symptom a few years back when he had to pay his mortgage and his self-confidence. "Just couldn't get it up, mate," he grinned. But these little pills saved my honour as a lothario. "I took generic Cialis too, you?ll be gladly surprised with the results.

" Dave took the generic Viagra and read the instructions. "A tablet can aid me to reach an erection and keep it there?" he asked sceptically. " And it will offer your partner and you more satisfaction," replied Brad. " Do you feel well?" she asked kindly. "Pack your luggage we ?re off to Paris for the weekend!" he shouted. She looked anxious and also a bit tense.

Dave's problems had worried her a lot be were taking their toll on her as well and she couldn't feel attracted by Dave about a weekend of displeasure when previously they had been a very avid of sex couple. Dave winked as he touched his pocket containing the generic viagra? "You?ll see, but don't expect to see much of Prague, I've got new sexual strategy to use!".

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