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Acne Exposed Treatments for Acne

The advances in medical science are able to resolve every case of Acne. People who need help should remember three things. First, Acne will not go away overnight.

The average patient who undergoes treatment will have to work hard for about 6 to 8 weeks before seeing any improvement. Further treatment will have to be continued should there be no changes. Second, the individual should not expect to see the same results even if a friend or family who has the same problem recommends the product.

This is because this will all depend on the person's skin type and type of spots or lesions that are currently present on the face. Third, if the products purchased over the counter do not work, then it is time to see a dermatologist. These professionals specialize in skin problems and can recommend something better to make the problem go away.

The doctor will look into several factors such as the patient's sex, age, skin type, lifestyle and any other conditions before recommending the type of treatment to be used. Here are some of the treatments available that can be used to treat Acne. 1. The first is Isotretinoin better known as Accutane. This is prescribed by the physician and has to be used for the next four or five months.

Tests have shown this can clear Acne and be used for a year if this is needed. 2. Cleansing pads have also been known to treat Acne.

The person will just put this on the face for a few minutes then take it off once it dries on the skin. The user will notice that this can clean out excess oil and dirt preventing pimples or Acne from recurring. 3. Skin lotion is also recommended for use to treat Acne. The individual can use a cue tip, cotton buds or the finger to apply it this on the face.

It is advisable to use this before going to bed so the effects will begin to change while the person is sleeping. 4. The person can also use a repairing lotion to finish everything so that the spots are removed and this will not happen again. The treatments available come in different brands.

This can be purchased in the department store while there are others that need to be recommended by a physician. The dermatologist may use two types of treatments if this is necessary. One may be used in the morning while the other one in the evening.

If a certain product has been recommended, the individual must not combine these with other items that were purchased over the counter because it may cause unwanted complications and side effects. When the individual first sees any spots in the face, it is best to consult a doctor immediately. This will determine if this is something serious or it could be Acne.

The person should be ready to give all the details such as when it first started, the kind of food being eaten in and the types of activities one is engaged in. Any of these factors could have contributed to the outbreak of Acne. Acne responds well to early treatment. Though there may be some minor side effects, the efforts will pay off as this can help prevent permanent marks or scarring.

Article written by Hector Milla, editor of http://www.acnetreatmentstips.com, a website pointing the best acne treatment exposed, thanks for publish this article in your website or ezine keeping a live link.


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